The Shift from Quantity to Quality of Leads in Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

11-24What is ABM and what does it have to do with you?

I wrote about that in my latest article for LinkedIn’s Business Blog

For those of us in the B2C or entrepreneurial space, the concept of Account Based Marketing (ABM) is new, and a bit scary! What is ABM? Traditionally, ABM strategy was used only by a few big companies to target a few big accounts. It was (at least initially) the targeting of key accounts (companies) you wanted to do business with, and then finding the leads within those companies. Because of old sales styles – and the general attrition rate in bigger companies, the focus was always on the company itself and not necessarily your relationship with an individual in that company.

My article focuses on drawing in the best of AMB with more conversational or social selling practices. In the article I cover:
• Lead Generation and Buyer Personas
• Content Marketing and Building Trust
• Social Selling to Accounts
• Account Based Management and You
• ABM and LinkedIn
• Researching your Leads
• Once you find your leads, it’s time to start nurturing them. Numbers numbers
• Nurturing your Leads
• Keeping Track and Follow Up.

If you’ve considered using LinkedIn and Sales Nav (especially with all the new changes) this definitely take the time to read this article!

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