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Not only is Viveka von Rosen an internationally renowned public speaker with a deep understanding of LinkedIn, Personal Branding, Social Selling, and Marketing, as well as Peak Performance Breakthroughs and Women's Empowerment, but she is JUST PLAIN ENTERTAINING! 


Audience members receive man takeaways. . . 


  • Real strategies that audience members can walk away with and start using immediately. 
  • An entertaining presentation, so they actually stay awake. 
  • Numerous tools and ninja tricks, so they have access to the most leading edge resources. 
  • Access to Viveka and her enormous network.


Viveka is the author of Linked In Marketing: An Hour a Day for John Wiley & Sons, Niche Publication "LinkedIn Security: Who's Watching You," and her most recent book with Daily Success, "LinkedIn: 101 Ways to Rock Your Personal Brand." She has also contributed to LinkedIn's "The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to LinkedIn" (and is listed by them as one of the top 25 social media experts).  


She has contributed to:

  • Mitch Meryeson's Success Secrets
  • Phyllis Khare
  • Pengin
  • Word Hard and Stay at Home
  • Gail Z Martin

Speaker Press Kit:

Although Viveka can speak to all things social media, she is best known for LinkedIn expertise.


If you're interested in having Viveka speak at your next event, you can get her speaker kit here. 


If you are interested in hiring Viveka von Rosen to speak, please click on this link to book a time to discuss your event.

Types of Presentations

  • Keynotes
  • Breakout Sessions
  • 1/2 Day Training
  • Full-Day Training
  • Multi-Day Training
  • International Sessions

Recent Presentations:

By far, my most requested program is on LinkedIn Lead Generation. But I have also done Programs in:

  • 3 Steps to LinkedIn Success
  • 6 Advanced LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies for the Social Media Success Summit
  • How to Use LinkedIn Company Pages to Drive Traffic to Your Website
  • Accessing Big Companies with LinkedIn
  • Five B2B Personal Branding LinkedIn Strategies for Ventiv
  • Business Ethics in Social Media for the BBB
  • Mastering LinkedIn in The Real World for Clemson University
  • 8 Steps to Creating the Best LinkedIn Company Page for your Travel and Tourism Company
  • How LinkedIn Can Catapult Your Business Into Greatness for Digital Day Out Auckland
  • Engaging Your Dream Clients for Oracle/MySQL
  • Mind the Gap: Personal Branding and Paid Media for eTail Connect
  • LinkedIn and Ethical Practices: Earning Trust from Your Followers While Protecting Your Brand
  • How LinkedIn Can Catapult Your Business to Greatness for Inbound Alaska
  • How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Grow a Loyal Community, Increase Your Brand Authority and Drive Sales for Hubspot
  • Get Mobile: Building Relationships with LinkedIn While on the Move for MobileX
  • 4 Ways to Ignite Your LinkedIn Content Marketing for Social Media Marketing World 
  • Social Selling with LinkedIn for TechMedia Conference
  • Four Steps to LinkedIn Success: How to Engage and Connect with your Prospects on LinkedIn for Marketing Profs MPB2B
  • How to Build your Personal Brand and REAL Dream Clients for Nimble.com
  • 3 LinkedIn Myths that are Killing Your Marketing for Mirren
  • 5 LinkedIn Myths and Why They Are Killing Your Lead Generation for FTX

Ideal audience: 

I have worked with everyone from a roof full of millionaire and billionaire entrepreneurs to job-seekers. My ideal audience is one that actually wants or chooses to be there. I have no desire to speak in front of a room full of crossed arms and attitude. Just sayin'. 


Words of Praise


Dayna Steele

The Rock Business Host | Rock Talk Keynote Speaker | Success Author | Caring.com Spokesperson

I had the opportunity to interview Viveka at a conference several years ago and then see one of her presentations. I was so impressed (and learned so much), I decided to keep her as a good friend as well as a business associate. See the video here: https://youtu.be/rrdTVRStI20. We are currently collaborating on a book - LinkedIn: 101 Ways to Rock Your Personal Branding World. I've taken Viveka's suggestions in our book and applied them to my LinkedIn account - improving the quality and quantity of traffic in only one week!


David Bishop

Helping Leaders Maximize Results | Executive Organizational Coach | Media Strategist | Active Chair and Board Member

"Viveka made an in depth and intricate process fun and enjoyable. She is clearly a cutting-edge expert in an increasingly valuable marketing tool. Her abilities are beyond just the tactical aspects, however. She has a keen eye for helping you build a brand strategy that will make a lasting impact on your business."


Chris M. Harris

Serial Entrepreneur | Host of Entrepreneur Hour Podcast | Motivational Speaker and Aspiring Author

Viveka is quite possible my favorite guest of everyone that has joined me on Entrepreneur Hour podcast. Her personality literally shines through the microphone and her knowledge of LinkedIn is second to none. Truly blessed to have made her acquaintance!


Gabriella van Rij

Speaker, Author & Activist for Kindness

"It was first of all a true pleasure to have a one on one consultation with a TRUE expert with such in depth knowledge of Linkedin, wow! You have shown me the mysteries of this Social Media platform that had eluded me for years. 

Not only was your teaching fabulous but your wit and fun personality made it more fun... You had insights and tips & tricks that I will use for many years to come! 

I put everything you taught me straight into action! 

Thank you for also opening doors and to brainstorm with my brand and to think of ways to connect and get the message of Kindness out there even more!

You get 200% out of 100 in my book... A true EXPERT, thank you!"


Neesha Mirchandani

CEO at Impact Stars | Author | Business Model Designer & Accountability Coach | Founder, #hotskillspaybills

I heard Viveka speak at the Internet Summit 2016 #ISUM16. Wow! She was incredible. 

Viveka is the most authentic, down-to-earth speaker and workshop leader, she's someone who cares deeply about her audience. A real professional -- she let us take a break but she stayed on stage answering questions. #pro 


Neen James

Leverage Your Attention for Profits and Productivity

Hire Viveka - she rocks. One session with her to do a LinkedIn makeover and I was blown away by her smarts. Her ninja tricks on using this fantastic platform will accelerate your connections and engagement on this great tool. She's truly the LinkedIn expert and also a fantastic speaker if you need someone to help your team also leverage this great tool. Invest your time and money with her - she's worth every minute! 


Jack M. Zufelt

Celebrity Speaker | A "Who's Who" of $ucce$$ | Author #1 Best-Selling: The DNA of Success | 2,000+ Radio & TV Talk Shows

Viveka is the "best of the best"! She is smarter than most and very easy to work with. She is worth every penny you pay her for advice and guidance.


Sue B Zimmerman

Instagram Expert | Social Media Consultant | Founder of Insta-Results | Paid Speaker | Author | Business Coach | #Trep

I had the pleasure of being with Viveka for four days. She opened my eyes to the power of LinkedIn beyond what I already knew.
She is not only smart, savvy and fun, she knows how to teach and write about using LinkedIn so it’s easy to understand and easy to implement. 

Viveka is my go to LinkedIn Expert and I think she is #InstaAwesome


Larry Bodine

Attorney and Journalist

"Viveka is the best-informed person I've ever met regarding LinkedIn. We co-presented a webinar together on business development LinkedIn and, even though I stay current about LinkedIn, I learned some great techniques from her. Not only is she a delight to work with, she definitely lives up to the "LinkedInExpert" moniker."


Ava Diamond

International Speaker ★ Leadership ★ Employee Engagement ★ Women's Leadership ★ Women's Success

"Wow! Viveka originally helped me create my linked in profile a year ago, when I had no idea what I was doing. And it was good. But two weeks ago, I hired her to "kick it up a notch."

I spent an hour with Viveka, then spent three hours doing everything she told me to do. As a result, I am now in the top three for search results for almost all of my keywords.

Viv knows her stuff! Her expertise is unsurpassed, she's able to speak in plain English, not geek speak, and her results rock.

I've also attended one of her training sessions, and they are jam packed with useful information. She's an engaging and fun speaker!"


Are Morch

★ Help Hotels build Communities with Social Media ★ Social Media Manager ★ Speaker ★ aremorch.com

I have learned to know Viveka through #linkedinchat. And from here I opted to purchase her product "LinkedIn in 15 Minutes a day".

Sometimes in your path, you meet people or find products or services that really makes a difference in your life. This has truly been the case for me after I got involved with Viveka's training. 

If you want a mentor and coach that really over deliver then I highly recommend Viveka as your top pick. She added 2 hrs private counseling session for me that was an eye opener. 

Her product and service has helped me build a unique foundation that was adaptable to my niche. 

If want your business to stand out and really excel with LinkedIn then I highly recommend Viveka Von Rosen. 

Add some extra value also through #linkedinchat every Tuesday.


Franky Saegerman

Head Digital Insights at NATO

"Nomen est Omen" in the case of @LinkedInExpert Viveka von Rosen. 
Viveka is an expert I have been following on LinkedIn for a number of years and I was happy to have her on board as an expert speaker for NATO's Social Media Forum for International Organisations. Her enthusiasm and willingness to share her knowledge impressed all conference participants."


Robert (Rob) Burns

B2B Digital Business Development and Lead Generation Specialist

"I can think of so many positive attributes and experiences about Viveka, I don’t think I will have the space to list them all, but here goes. Viveka is one of those unique individuals and thought leaders that have it all in one package. 

She is one of the most authentic, kind, considerate and knowledgeable people I have met and have had the pleasure to get to know in the amassing digital marketing and technology sector. 

I first met Viveka years ago during an online webinar in which she was generously sharing her many insights of thoughts about the best practices related to LinkedIn. After that webinar I quickly connected with her on LinkedIn and began following her on social media. I also purchased her book, which provided even more valuable insights. 

Over the years, I have met Viveka at several digital marketing and social media conferences where she was a speaker. She is a very articulate and knowledgeable speaker and always has her audience engaged and their interest peaked during her speaking engagements. Viveka is very approachable and open to one-on-one conversation at these conferences. 

Viveka has been an advocate for LinkedIn users for years. We have all benefited from her LinkedIn advocacy activities and her social media leadership during that time. I always learn something new when I hear her speak or meet her in person.

In addition to on-going LinkedIn best practices, she also includes and shares knowledge related to other effective marketing platforms and tools. She shares this knowledge with her network via very informative webinars and introduces her network to new industry experts and new valuable tools and effective approaches.

In addition to all of many positive characteristics, Viveka is a thoughtful and kind person. If you meet her in person you will soon see that she as genuine in person as she is genuine and friendly online and I am grateful to also include her as a friend. "


Frank Cottle

Chairman, Founder at Alliance Business Centers

It is rare today to find any individual who is able to simultaneously maintain the proper balance of growth, communications and experience. You have it all; and working with you has been both a pleasure and a learning experience. Your expertise and sense of your surroundings, as well as awareness of others, is a unique combination that is greatly appreciated by all that have worked with you on our Alliance team and within the Business Center Industry at large. I am looking forward to a long-term and rewarding relationship.


Ron Sukenick

LinkedIn Speaker / Trainer / Coach / Helping people in business "Embrace the Power of LinkedIn"

"Viveka is by far one of the best in her chosen profession. Viveka was interviewed for inclusion in a book project and clearly helped to bring the project to success.

Here ability to get us focused on the use of LinkedIn as a daily habit in such a short period of time was refreshing.

And lastly, allow me to say that she is delightful, knowledgeable, skillful and fun to speak and learn from. She is a must addition for any organization seeking to take LinkedIn to heightened levels."


Sherry Hayes-Peirce

★★Social Media Strategist "I Help Churches Inform, Inspire & Engage Their Communities Using Social Media." ★★

"Viveka von Rosen is an incredibly intelligent woman who has helped me and so many others navigate the new frontier of business marketing by harnessing the power of Social Media! Her webinars are filled with valuable tips and techniques to build B2B and B2C relationships that translate into incredible results. I eagerly await the release of her new book and follow her on twitter to receive tweets on what's new."



Bryan Seely

CISO | Cybersecurity Consultant | Author | US Marine | MGT Inc Hacker Advisory Board Member | Ethical Hacker |

"Viveka and I have lived and worked on the same planet our whole lives. Of the many people who also do, she is one of the brightest, most ambitious, and hardest working that I have had the distinct honor of letting work with me. 

She is truly one of the greats, and I am so glad to know her and get to work with her on a variety of things. She has great LinkedIn insights and is a lot of fun to work with in general. I look forward to working with you for a long time."