High Quality LinkedIn Leads


Many LinkedIn users do not experience much exposure or engagement on LinkedIn because they do not have a system in place. They believe just because they have a LinkedIn account and make a few random posts, this entitles them to connect and attract quality prospects.

Isn’t it time for you to generate a steady flow of quality leads with LinkedIn? What if you could do exactly that….in seven days… and without having to spend thousands of dollars on paid advertising or in consulting fees?

It’s up to you to convert these high quality leads into clients, but I guarantee you, if you follow my five step process, you will find, connect and engage with more high quality prospects with LinkedIn.

Crush It


Learn how you can effectively market with LinkedIn to bring in new leads, grow your LinkedIn community and move leads into the sales funnel. Discover how to:

* Create a “sticky” profile your prospects will read and respond to

* Driving traffic with easy but hidden inbound marketing techniques

* Grow your LinkedIn Community despite LinkedIn’s changes!

* Cultivate and effectively communicate with your leads


In this hands-on, 50-minute webinar you will be provided with proven strategies to generate engage with and move leads into the sales funnel.

Premium Profile Builder


LinkedIn Profile Builder

Learn how to creating a converting and credible presence on LinkedIn.  In this program you will learn:

  • Staying secure on LinkedIn (while still creating a profile that attracts)
  • Gathering your resources
  • Knowing your audience
  • Keywords and findability
  • Gathering your visuals
  • Creating and customizing your content
  • Driving traffic with links
  • Building credibility
  • Additional LinkedIn building blocks
  • Finishing touches

LinkedIn For Business

Learn how to use LinkedIn to help accomplish your sales, branding, lead-gen, and recruiting goals. Join expert Viveka von Rosen as she explores LinkedIn's many professional uses. She shows how to create a great company page, develop content that engages a target audience, and expand your visibility and engagement even further with LinkedIn's sponsored updates, ads, groups, InMail, and more. The final chapter is a bonus for recruiters looking to find just the right job candidates through LinkedIn. So start watching and learn how to grow your company and expand your visibility online with this great business-promotion tool.

Topics include:

  • Understanding company pages and profiles
  • Knowing and finding your audience
  • Using the Who's Viewed Your Profile and You Recently Visited tools
  • Tagging and sharing content
  • Creating a message campaign
  • Building a dynamic company page
  • Creating engaging updates
  • Marketing your LinkedIn page
  • Recruiting with LinkedIn

LinkedIn Advertising Fundamentals

Learn about the different types of LinkedIn ads and which types of campaigns are most appropriate for your audience, goals, and budget. Viveka von Rosen covers the six types of ads, focusing on self-service text ads and Sponsored Updates, the two most accessible and affordable options for businesses. But she also covers solutions for bigger budgets, including display ads, Sponsored InMail, Sponsored Groups, and Lead Accelerator. Along the way, Viveka will cover what you need to know to create, target, bid on, and test ads, and to measure results to ensure a positive ROI.

Topics include:

  • Understanding LinkedIn ad options
  • Budgeting strategies for Sponsored Updates
  • Targeting text ads
  • Targeting new audiences
  • PPC vs. PPM big strategies
  • Enterprise marketing with Sponsored Groups, Sponsored InMail, and Lead Accelerator

Free resources

Every Tuesday Night My Team Moderates a #Tweetchat on LinkedIn

The #LinkedInChat is open to anyone who has questions about LinkedIn, advice about LinkedIn, complaints about LinkedIn, praise for LinkedIn.  I might be known as @LinkedInExpert - but let me tell you, I’ve learned a thing or two myself!

More information about our #LinkedInChat (and tweetchats in general):

When:  Every Tuesday Night 8 EST, 7 CST,  6MST, 5 PST

When in the world: A huge thanks to Martin Shanahan who figured this out for me since my brain just won't do timezones!

  • Hawaii is 2 pm on Tuesday
  • Sydney is 10 am on Wednesday
  • Central time in Australia would be 9.30 am on Wednesday
  • West coast time in Australia would be 8 am also on Wednesday

Where:  Twitter


Why and What:  The community discusses ways LinkedIn Users can use the platform and supporting applications and social media platforms to improve their Linkedin results.

Who:  Our chat sessions cover all types of LinkedIn users:  Personal Brand Building, Passive Job Hunters, Active Job Hunters, Business Development, Business Research, Marketing, and Sales.  The community helps users with LinkedIn Profile Makeovers and will do this at least quarterly.  The chat generally focuses on one element with open questions and answers at the end.  The #Linkedinchat stream is monitored throughout the week and our Link Chat Linkedin group is used for more extensive discussions.

Join the Social Media Marketing Consulting Group on LinkedIn

Social media marketing is quickly evolving into an important marketing approach for the business world to embrace. The purpose of this group is to share information for individuals who are or wish to be social media marketing consultant and/or social media marketing managers for a corporation.  Join here. 

If you are an expert, want to be an expert, or feel you have some expert advice on LinkedIn - then come join our group!