Many LinkedIn users do not experience much exposure or engagement on LinkedIn because they do not have a system in place. They believe just because they have a LinkedIn account and make a few random posts, this entitles them to connect and attract quality prospects.

Isn’t it time for you to generate a steady flow of quality leads with LinkedIn? What if you could do exactly that….in seven days… and without having to spend thousands of dollars on paid advertising or in consulting fees?

It’s up to you to convert these high quality leads into clients, but I guarantee you, if you follow my five step process, you will find, connect and engage with more high quality prospects with LinkedIn.

Crush It


Learn how you can effectively market with LinkedIn to bring in new leads, grow your LinkedIn community and move leads into the sales funnel. Discover how to:

* Create a “sticky” profile your prospects will read and respond to

* Driving traffic with easy but hidden inbound marketing techniques

* Grow your LinkedIn Community despite LinkedIn’s changes!

* Cultivate and effectively communicate with your leads


In this hands-on, 50-minute webinar you will be provided with proven strategies to generate engage with and move leads into the sales funnel.


LinkedIn Profile Builder

Learn how to creating a converting and credible presence on LinkedIn.  In this program you will learn:

  • Staying secure on LinkedIn (while still creating a profile that attracts)
  • Gathering your resources
  • Knowing your audience
  • Keywords and findability
  • Gathering your visuals
  • Creating and customizing your content
  • Driving traffic with links
  • Building credibility
  • Additional LinkedIn building blocks
  • Finishing touches

While employees most likely reference your company in their LinkedIn profiles, does the content they share illuminate your organization's brand? By taking the time to leverage LinkedIn, you can help to build and define effective company and personal brands. In this course, join LinkedIn expert Viveka von Rosen as she demonstrates how to build an effective brand on LinkedIn. Viveka shows how to build a strong page, tell your story, share your culture, and help employees spread your message. Plus, she discusses the effectiveness of content in amplifying a brand on LinkedIn.

Topics include:
  • Constructing a strong company page
  • Building your visual brand
  • Sharing your company culture
  • Making your company page a content hub
  • Determining which posts to share
  • Creating thought leaders and influencers
  • Building personal profiles with branding
  • Establishing expertise on personal profiles
  • Sharing appropriate content with your employees

Free resources

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Social media marketing is quickly evolving into an important marketing approach for the business world to embrace. The purpose of this group is to share information for individuals who are or wish to be social media marketing consultant and/or social media marketing managers for a corporation.  Join here. 

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