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Talking with Brian Carter

Listen in as Brian & Viveka discuss:

  • A powerful LinkedIn data export tool you may not know about
  • Viveka most and least favorite things about LinkedIn
  • 8 quantitative metrics you should be using for LinkedIn marketing
  • How to get more people to see your LinkedIn published posts
  • The best way to get new business on LinkedIn
  •  Mistakes job seekers make on LinkedIn

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Start Over & Succeed with RelaunchShow

Listen in as we discuss: 

  • How to Build Yourself Up from the Bottom
  • How to Connect and Succeed
  • Key Steps to Build the Life and Biz You Love
  • Leaving the Past Behind and Building a New Life
  • What does it Take to Start Over and Succeed

Listen in here. 

What Every Business Speaker Should Know About LinkedIn

Listen as Eamonn O'Brien of and Viveka discuss:

  • Why you should tag, tag, tag on Linkedin to boost conversations you start from the podium
  • How LinkedIn can help you to find and foster deeper relationships with your audiences
  • What you need to know about being found on LinkedIn, WITHOUT getting blacklisted in the process
  • And much more

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The State of LinkedIn for Sales + Marketing

Listen in as Chris Handy and Viveka discuss: 

  • How she become a LinkedIn expert
  • Changes to the platform over the years
  • The acquisition
  • The importance of education in marketing

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Viveka Von Rosen, The Linked In Expert, As Seen:

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How to Create the Ideal LinkedIn Profile



5 Tips on How to Use LinkedIn Better

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