Give Your Content a Boost with the Help of LinkedIn Publisher

LinkedIn Publisher is, in my opinion, one of the best platforms for increasing your own visibility on LinkedIn while encouraging engagement with your content.

LinkedIn may “only” have 480 million members, but the people in your LinkedIn network most likely consist of your target audience. This means you have a better chance of your key prospects seeing one of your LinkedIn Publisher posts than coming across a random landing page or even a blog post on your website. Even as a recognized expert in your industry, your website might not be as prominent as your LinkedIn profile, so optimize your positioning.

Personally, my Publisher posts get more activity and shares than any of my blog posts on my website, despite the fact that I get 25,000 unique views and 100,000 visitors every month. It makes sense, then, to share my content in both places.

I wrote a post on about how you can use LinkedIn to boost your content. You can access the original here:

In the article I cover:
• The difference between Pulse, Publisher and Posts
• The Art of Repurposing Content
• Best Practices
• Case Studies
• Cross Pollination
• A Few More Ninja Tricks
It’s definitely worth taking the time to read – and more importantly, to implement the strategies I outline in the article.

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